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Late September of 2011, as I was at an impass with my career as a full-time Massage Therapist, I started working with a family who'd just had a son, Ethan Asher  -- born September 11, 2011.  Initially, I went to their home to massage Ethan's mom, who was recovering slowly, and painfully, from labor, and act as their post-partum Doula.  I'd massage Ethan's mom, and help prepare food for her to allow her to rest and recover from the tribulations of childbirth.  As a first-time mom she was very trepidacious about introducing someone new to her baby, but as we worked together for those first few sessions, I developed a raport with her and this new little person.  Now, it's 7 months later, and I've completely fallen in love with Ethan and couldn't be more thrilled about this new chapter of my life and career, as his nanny, and first friend.
I miss massage, though, and am trying to get back into the swing of things slowly and steadily.  It's amazing both the strength I've lost since taking a massage hiatus, and also the stamina I've gained since hoisting a baby around these last few months.  Although I massage Ethan quite frequently, I do miss getting my hands on full-sized human bodies :)  His, however, is fun to massage, and I'm ever-surprised at how fast he is growing right before my eyes.  I feel blessed and humbled by the opportunity to be a part of this little man's life and help him grow into, and adapt, to this great big world in front of him.


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